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About Us

The company founded in 2018, and strives itself on providing the print on demand service for the odd and different types of clothing.


We also wanted to provide accessories like iPhone cases and sublimation products like tees and bags.

Let Your Adventure Begin

So we say come and let the adventure begin with us by supporting us and purchasing some unique clothing and accessories.

Come meet us up close

Every one of our team members is devoted to delivering the finest possible designs.

Nate Green


john frieda

Co Founder

allen greene


david louis

Interior Designer

Nineteen Ave & Co. is an all around clothing shop.

Nineteen Ave & Co. founded in 2018 

Nineteen Ave & Co. was founded in 2018 for the sole purpose of just having a clothing company that had all different types of styled designs and not focusing on just one clothing line or brand. We feel that by offering just a different shopping experience by providing what we have that it makes the customer feel more at home with there shopping experience, so have a look around and hopefully, you find something you like and will enjoy wearing, and if you have questions please feel free to contact us.

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